I don’t know who stresses more about this ritual, me or Maxx.

As the dreaded day approaches, I watch my son becoming increasingly agitated as he begins to characterize the teachers he’s having challenges with.   This week he’s been getting allies – having his friends support his assertions that one of his teachers is being unfair with him and others in the class.  Apparently she’s even cursing at the students when her frustrations rise.  

The parent/teacher interviews provide a parent with ten minutes to address any concerns.  

Not a lot of time when there’s big issues to address.  

I’ve been reflecting the past few days on what qualities make a good teacher.  This morning I googled good teacher bad teacher and was amazed:

Results 11 – 20 of about 19,100,000 for good teachers bad teachers. (0.23 seconds) 

NINETEEN MILLION possible pages to review!!  Hot topic for a lot of parents and students.  …and administrators.  

I’ve been doing my best to focus on supporting Maxx to be the best student he can be, but how does a parent deal with a teacher who obviously is just not cut out for the job?  

I’m going to go into tomorrow’s interviews as calm as I can be, focusing on listening deeply to this particular woman’s take on my son’s participation in her classroom, and then….I dunno.   I’ll figure it out from there.