Since the last time I posted a blog, my boy has been really shining at school, and at home.  How blessed are we, to have a great school, and resources available to assist kids like Maxx to achieve all they can.  I know it’s not always the case, and I’ve advocated diligently for my son, and I’m so pleased to see the results.

Maxx is actually enjoying school, the recent parent teacher interviews were a delight, with all of his teachers telling me what a pleasure he is to have in their classroom.

So, why is my heart aching?

Not for my child today.  

I’m still shedding tears over the news I read yesterday in the New York Times about the horrors facing girls in Pakistan who simply want to go to school.  Last month the ghastly creatures that call themselves men, shut down with violent force all the schools that are educating girls.   Women aren’t even allowed to go the market, the Taliban are insisting that men shop for them.

How this barbaric sort of insanity can exist on our planet today is beyond my comprehension.  

And yet, it does.  …..and I am unable to simply shift to another page on my Mac, and forget about yesterday’s story.  It haunts me, and has since I read Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin’s amazing New York Times Bestseller; Three Cups of Tea.  

Reading that book, I was uplifted, realizing that someone like Mortenson would risk his life, and sacrifice so much in order to ensure that children in Pakistan receive the education they deserve.  

But there is still so much to do.  

If you’d like to find out more: 

…may open your heart, the way it did mine.  

And then if you’re wondering, what can I do, visit  – read the book, share the book, and perhaps send them some money, or do some fundraising to benefit the important work they’re doing.