What I love most about my boy is his huge, HUGE heart.   

If one of his friends is going through a rough time, Maxx is the first one on the scene, ready to help them through it, sharing his own journey of challenges and teenage wisdom.

And for him, family always comes first.  

Yesterday, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.   Maxx had left for school in the morning knowing we were expecting the results of the needle biopsy.  He called me before he even arrived home to find out the results.  

He came into the house to find me sitting on the couch and immediately came for a hug.


Then he got on the phone and called grandma and made immediate plans to go to see her, and called his cousins to arrange for them to come too.  

Because the one thing I know about my son is that he’s ready to face whatever life is tossing him.  Face on.  Arms wide open.  

A diagnosis of cancer is never something you want for any family member, but already what I can see is that there’s a deepening intimacy as we remember how precious, fragile and fleeting life is.  

In these moments we can choose to turn away from that reality, or…..

….we can turn into it, feeling all the feelings that the pain, the fear, and the sadness bring to our hearts.