Trying to parent a teen without losing one’s temper is a daily challenge.  Sometimes it’s a moment to moment challenge.  

not-listeningEvasiveness, delaying tactics, homework and chore avoidance, and outright lying.  Sigh.  What’s a parent to do?  

qq1sgyellingatkidsIs yelling really effective though?  

There’s so much written on this topic, obviously I’m not the only one who loses my temper and then questions whether or not my outburst totally obliterated the underlying message I was trying to get across. 

Jeez – just google parenting/yelling yourself.  I came up with almost half a million sites.  That’s more than enough info to ally my guilt, but I didn’t read ANYTHING that affirmed that it’s an effective parenting tool.


sullen-boy…, my teen was dropped off this morning by his dad who had just “torn a strip off him”.  

Did our son hear that his dad loves him and worries about him and wants him to succeed in life?  

Unfortunately no.  

I tried to translate, but there was a LOT of reactive resistance up in my boy.


I know how I feel when someone yells at me. 

This link really got to me.  This article states that when a parent begins to yell they lose credibility.  

I really HEARD that this morning so clearly.  Easier to witness it in someone else’s heated exchange and analyze my ex-husband’s behaviour than my own, but regardless – a HUGE wake-up call for me.  

Hopefully I’ll remember this the next time I’m feeling the blood pressure rise.