I seem to be spending quite a bit of my blogging time either kvetching about my teen, or trying to get others to help me figure him out, but this post is just pure celebration.  

I’m having a moment, or actually a few moments of deep gratitude for who this guy is, and appreciating the time we’ve been spending together this week.  

First week of school – always a brutal transition, but even though it was stressful for both of us (I am starting the fourth semester of my undergrad degree program at SFU), we talked more than yelled, responded to one another more than reacted all over each other.

Felt like a bit of a breakthrough actually.

Pretty amazing to be pulled aside by my 14 year old and have him say, “Mom, I’m really feeling stressed today, and here’s all the reasons why….”, rather than have him just freaking out all over me and my husband.

So I’m seeing the world through his eyes a bit more clearly.

Don’t envy him.  Wouldn’t want to be 14 again, but sure am grateful he’s letting me see the world through his eyes.  Sometimes I have some advice, sometimes I just have a wave of shock and horror listening to what he’s struggling with.  

He’s struggling with peer pressure around drugs.

Last night we had dinner with my sis and her kids.  Her 14 year old daughter, my beloved niece, is watching HER friends struggle with issues of sex.   

Good goddess.  Sigh….doesn’t 14 seem too young to be grappling with sex and drug issues?  

Anyway, driving home from dinner at Milestones with VERY full bellies, my son kept switching up the radio stations, kvetching about music today.  As he kept landing on classic rock stations, and we both rocked out to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hendrix and old Stones tunes, I found myself driving along with a really silly grin of satisfaction on my face.  

Full belly, full heart.  

btw – great article on agreeing on music during rides w/ the kids, written BY a kid: