Do you remember your first concert without your parents tagging along? Mine was back in the late ’70’s – Supertramp. Cobo Hall in Detroit City. It was an exciting time, to cross the border without the parental units to join thousands of screaming teenagers for a concert hall experience.

Maxx had his first concert-without-mom this past week, during the Olympic celebrations.

I went through a remarkably intense decision making process before giving him the go-ahead to join his friends for this.   Would he drink, do drugs, get crushed in a crowd, get in a fight, get separated from his friends in the crowd and get lost?

Finally I sucked up my fears and allowed my 14.5 yr. old only child to head downtown with NO ADULTS to his first ever ‘big-time’ concert.

He had a blast.  Of course.

Except maybe for that part when the crowd almost crushed him.  (he did tell me he thought he was closer to death than he’d ever been)

But he survived.  And the memory has been made.  My first concert?  Supertramp.  My son’s first concert?


with all this technology - who needs a band?