It’s a choice.  I keep reminding my teen of that when he’s in a funk – it’s a choice.

What are you choosing to put your attention on?  All the things that are challenging you in your life, or what you can celebrate?  What is there in your life that causes you experience a state of gratitude?

And then I realize, once again, I’m teaching what I need to, if not learn, at least – remember.

I do find that at times I get very caught up in the challenges of parenting my teen, and forget to celebrate what’s good.

There is a lot that is good.

We communicate well, me and my son.  I’m very grateful for that.  My teen is funny, engaging and caring.  He’s been babysitting alot over the spring break and he’s SO good with little kids.  They love him and he’s just so naturally engaged with little ones.  He’s incredibly empathetic.   He’s artistic and gifts me with entertaining clay figures.  He really enjoys cooking and has made some pretty amazing dishes – even has learned how to clean up the kitchen 🙂

…and he’s alot of fun to just hang out with.

The past couple of years he and I had taken a trip to Kauai and Maui over spring break (which had been absolutely amazing), but this year, for a variety of reasons, we stayed in Vancouver.    He mostly hung out with his friends while I was busy with work and school, but we took one day together to just have some fun.

Skating at Robson Square

first time on skates in YEARS!!

We went to the Art Gallery to see the DaVinci exhibit, skated at Robson Square, went for lunch on Granville, bowled and shot some pool at the Commodore (where Maxx showed off his boxing skills):

…..and then celebrated being Canadian with a group gathered around the Paralympic torch.

Yes, there are challenges to parenting this teen (all teens), but for today I’m focusing on celebrating what’s GOOD.