Yesterday I attended a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon where the speaker, Professor Stephen Toope (president of University of British Columbia), opened his talk by quoting Dr. Seuss’s Oh The Places You’ll Go!

His talk focused on creating links between the local business community, our local university and the international business markets. The reference to Dr. Seuss’s book had significant relevance and warmed the audience, mostly high level business people and academics, to his topic.

But I found myself drifting off into other thought threads, inspired by the professor’s inclusion of Dr. Seuss’s deeply loved, and often quoted book.  Later in the day, I posted the professor’s reference to the book on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and had numerous responses from people who had gifted it to graduates, or who had read it at graduation ceremonies.

My own first clear memory of Oh The Places You’ll Go was when my son’s godmother gifted it to us the day he was released from hospital.  My son was four weeks old at the time, and had been seriously ill with Hirshprung’s Disease, and had just undergone two significant surgeries.   As my friend Kim read the book to us, I wept as I held my underweight baby, trying to imagine the future I had thought for the last several days we just possibly might not share.

I’m blessed to be able to be tenderly nostalgic about that day now, and to once again embrace the wise words of Dr. Seuss as I prepare for another school year with my exceptionally healthy and rapidly growing 15 year old son, anticipating what the unfolding future possibly holds.

Think I might just pull that book out of the box in the storeroom and read it to my growing teen tonight.