February 2011

I’ve just spent a week on Kauai and in Waikiki with my teen. Although we do share mealtimes at home, being with him 24/7 really raised my awareness of just how few vegetables my teen is eating and just how much sugar he’s drinking. It’s tough to make dietary shifts on a holiday, particularly when the majority of meals are being eaten at restaurants, but given that this was a learning/vacation, I realized why increasingly my son’s teachers aren’t seeing him at the start of the school day.

For a few days of our holiday I observed, but didn’t comment, as he drank up to six sugary drinks in a day; gatorades, pops, juice ‘nectars’. I’ve guessed for awhile that his sugary drink intake might be impacting his bad sleep patterns, but as he’s either at school, or often with his friends, it’s nearly impossible for me to gauge just how many of these drinks he consumes when we’re at home. Noticing how he was really struggling with sleep on our holiday I finally bribed him. He loves new clothes, so I made him a deal: drink nothing but water today and I’ll get you that funky T-shirt and those boarding shorts you want.

He agreed. He slept SO well that night and was significantly more prepared to greet the morning while it was still morning the following day.

Now, the trick is, how do I get him to do this at home?

Inspired by this mom blog: Homeschooling mom/bogger


I couldn’t help but relate to this….

The Parent Trapped

…and am very grateful that I have the resources I need to deal with my challenging, yet lovable teen.