First and foremost – I’m a mom to Maxx


…wife to Andrew


daughter, sister, aunt, friend…..and Skippy the Schipperke’s human companion.


I’m also commodore (sometimes skipper) of our new (to us) live-aboard Gulfstar 44 – Fancy Free.

moored at Princess Louisa

moored at Princess Louisa

The dinghy’s name?   Footloose.

I am NOT an expert on parenting.  Like most parents, I’m struggling along, without a manual, trying to not make the same mistakes my parents made, trying to remember the best of what they taught me, combining it with recent research, common sense and whatever else I can stitch together.  I do believe that we learn alot from one another, which is what inspired me to start this blog.  I share my struggles and lessons, you share yours, together we learn a bit more along the way.

I am passionate about doing the best job I can as a mom, and increasingly I see this as part of my overall leadership journey.

My professional passion is connecting with others, and connecting others, particularly in deep and meaningful dialogue.  I am a facilitator.  I am a business consultant, with a focus on leadership.  I love working with leaders within the social profit sector (I prefer that term to ‘non’-profit), social entrepreneurs and with leaders within companies.  I do much of my corporate work through consulting with ViRTUS.

Authentic Leadership Conversations:  Founded by Tana Heminsley, Authentic Leadership Conversations are being led by trained facilitators both live, and virtually.  If you’d like to know more – ask me.  I’d welcome an opportunity to share more info with you.  I facilitate Authentic Leadership Conversations for both parents and teachers.

My husband Andrew is step-dad to my son Maxx.   He’s an awesome step-dad, and often we completely agree on our parenting decisions.  Sometimes we don’t.  From time to time we’ll share some of those differences of opinion with you in the hopes that maybe someone else out there will have some ideas of how to find common ground.
Professionally, Andrew’s a busy guy….
Here’s his bio off the SFU website:
Andrew Mack is the Director of the Human Security Report Project at Simon Fraser University and a faculty member of the university’s new School for International Studies. Prior to this he directed the Human Security Centre at the University of British Columbia where the Project was located until its move to Simon Fraser in May 2007. Immediately before joining UBC, Professor Mack was Visiting Professor at the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research at Harvard (2001-02).From 1998 to 2001 he was Director of the Strategic Planning Office in the Executive Office of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Professor Mack held the Chair in International Relations at the Institute of Advanced Study at the Australian National University (ANU) from 1991 to 1998, was Director of the ANU’s Peace Research Centre (1985-91) and was Senior Research Fellow in the ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (1984-85).He has also held research and teaching positions at Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia); the London School of Economics; the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute; the Richardson Institute for Peace and Conflict Research in London; the University of California at Berkeley, Irvine and San Diego; the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center; Fudan University in Shanghai, the International University of Japan and the University of Auckland.His pre-academic career included six years in the Royal Air Force (as an engineer and pilot); two and a half years in Antarctica as a meteorologist and deputy base commander; a year as a diamond prospector in Sierra Leone and two years with the BBC’s World Service writing and broadcasting news commentaries and producing the current affairs program, The World Today. Professor Mack has written and edited some 16 monographs and books and his 60-plus scholarly articles have appeared in a wide range of journals, including: World Politics, The Washington Quarterly, British Journal of International Studies, World Policy, Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Peace Research, Politics, Security Dialogue, Arms Control, Asian Survey, Australian Journal of International Affairs and the Pacific Review.

He has also published widely in the mainstream print media, including the International Herald Tribune, Washington Post, Economist, Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, Newsday, Yomiuri Shimbun, Australian, Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Corriere Della Sierra, Far Eastern Economic Review, The Japan Times, New Scientist, Korea Herald, Haaretz, Bulletin, New Zealand Herald, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Christian Science Monitor, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, The Nation and the South China Morning Post.

Professor Mack has received research grants from the MacArthur, Ford, W. Alton Jones and Rockefeller Foundations, and from the United Nations University, the Social Science Research Council (UK), the International Development Research Center and the governments of Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and the UK.


One Response to “Footloose and Fancy Free….well, almost.”

  1. thelimey2010 Says:

    Hi Laura – I’m Des – I work at Maxx’s school – we’ve met in Kat’s work area. I am reading your blog with great interest! You may be interested in my own blog! It’s… own musings! anyway thanx! des

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