For years I’ve known that this conversation was going to arise one day.  

I thought I’d planned for it.  But I still wasn’t fully prepared for it.  

I knew one day he was going to want to try it.  After all, I’d tried it.  

But when your teen lets you know that he’s thinking about trying it – what do you say?   Because when it comes right down to it, I don’t want him to try it, like it, do more of it, let it lead to trying other things, and possibly allow it to do to his life what it did to mine – temporarily, or possibly even permanently derail it.  


Today is 420.  

Funny, I didn’t know about 420 until my teen told me about it.  

Lots written about it:

So, even though my son sees me working on my undegrad degree in my late 40’s because I was too stoned in my teens and 20’s to focus on my education, is he still going to try it?  

And how do I most effectively guide him through yet another major life decision?    

How much influence do I have?  How much control do I have?